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Boost your AutoCAD Plant 3D skills with our advanced course. Learn how to set up projects to meet engineering standards and requirements.
Course Overview
AutoCAD Plant 3D New User course or Advanced AutoCAD User or CAD management experience
Introduction to Plant Design
7 days
Course Details
This AutoCAD Plant 3D course covers advanced topics regarding the setup and customization of the software. Students will learn how to setup AutoCAD Plant 3D projects to meet engineering standards and requirements. Students will learn how to manage projects and templates for various types of drawings, create custom data, tags and annotations. In addition, students will learn how to create custom parametric and block based parts in the catalogs, configure orthographic and isometric drawings and create custom reports. Students will acquire in-depth knowledge on the creation and modification of piping specifications.

Topics include:
  • Managing Projects with the Project Manager
  • Project Setup and Drawing Settings and Templates
  • Plant 3D Class Definitions and Properties
  • Tag Formats and Customizing Annotations
  • Plant 3D Spec Editor
  • Part Priorities and Branch Tables
  • Plant 3D Catalog Editor
  • Creating Parametric and Block Based Parts
  • Orthographic Settings, Templates and Title Block Configuration
  • Isometric Settings, Templates and Title Block Configuration
  • Advanced Data Manager Tools
  • Custom Plant 3D Reports
  • Advanced Project Management Tools
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